Sacramentals & Holy Items

A sacramental produces grace indirectly not ex opere operato (q.v.) but ex opere operantis. The Church, because of her holiness, dignity & intercessory power, obtains from God, though not infallibly, the spiritual effect for which the sacramental was instituted. Among the sacramentals are prayers, holy water, holy oil, blessings, ashes, medals, the Rosary, candles, scapulars, vestments, etc.

As a Police Officer prepares himself for work; gun, radio, bullet proof vest, knows the law, as well as being "street smart". These are the tools he uses to protect himself as well as others. We as Catholics must also prepare ourselves the minute we awake, with; prayer, if possible Latin Rite Mass, communion & confession daily. Our equipment: wear your sacramentals; cross, scapular, Benedict medal, relic medals, etc. Our "street smarts", the signs of the times.

Virgin Mary: "Wear your Brown scapular, and your armor; your Rosary, medals --- anything to repulse them! The demons do not like these sacramentals & flee when they see them".

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This section has a variety of medals for you to choose from.

Medals w/3rd Class Relic Cloths

This section has a variety of medals with 3rd Class Relic Cloths for you to choose from. The cloths are 3"x3".


Powerful Crucifixes

Holy Oils and Waters

This section has a selection of Holy Oils and Holy Waters to choose from.

Candles, Veils & Miscellaneous Items
Candles, Veils & Miscellaneous Items

This section has several candles, veils, blessed items, incense, and other miscellaneous items

Rosaries and Chaplets

This section has many Rosaries and Chaplets to choose from.


This section has a variety of scapulars for you to choose from.

Prayer and Healing Cloths. LIMITED SUPPLY!!