Click to enlargeSweet Drops (SweetLeaf: Liquid Stevia)

From the makers who brought you the best-selling SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener. 17 exciting flavors!
Zero calories. Zero carbs. Zero glycemic index. The Natural Alternative.
Sweetness as nature intended.

2 fl oz (60 ml)

Click to enlargeSteviaClear
Original natural sweetener.

Click to enlargeApricot Nectar - OUT OF STOCK
Wake up your morning tea, fruit bowl, yogurt or cereal with Apricot Sweet Drops.

Click to enlargeBerry - OUT OF STOCK
Just a few drops make Berry Sweet Drops a natural for smoothies or even in a glass of milk.

Click to enlargeCinnamon - OUT OF STOCK
Spice up your herbal tea, oatmeal or plain yogurt with a few drops of lively Cinnamon.

Click to enlargeChocolate
A natural flavorful chocolate taste that's great in milk, tea or coffee.

Click to enlargeChocolate Raspberry
Liven up your morning bowl of granola with only a few drops.

Click to enlargeCoconut
One of the most popular flavors perks up water, coffee, tea, milk and truly any food or beverage.

Click to enlargeCola - OUT OF STOCK
Add a few drops of Cola to sparkling water or crushed ice to create a refreshing healthier soda.

Click to enlargeEnglish Toffee
The buttery sweetness of these drops adds exotic guilt-free decadence to your tea, coffee or yogurt.

Click to enlargeGrape - OUT OF STOCK
Make popsicles pop with flavor by simply mixing water and these drops for a delicious frozen treat.

Click to enlargeHazelnut
A natural choice for hot teas and coffee, these drops are also great for smoothies.

Click to enlargeLemon Drop
Perfect for healthy satisfying iced tea or sugar-free lemonade.

Click to enlargePeppermint
Peppermint’s not just for holidays anymore. Use it year round to add minty sweetness to teas, lemonades and smoothies.

Click to enlargeRoot Beer - OUT OF STOCK
These drops make a healthy smoothie taste as good as an ice cream float – without any of the guilt.

Click to enlargeValencia Orange
Perk up your iced drink or smoothie with these drops for a fantastic citrus flavor.

Click to enlargeVanilla Creme - OUT OF STOCK
A longtime favorite, the smooth, creamy taste of these drops adds rich, sweet notes to any drink or food from coffee to cereal, French toast and desserts.

Click to enlargeWatermelon - OUT OF STOCK
Refresh your water with a few drops of Watermelon! Add it to your yogurt for summery sweetness all year long.

Stevia Sweet Drops: Peppermint MochaPerfect for coffee or hot chocolate!

Stevia Sweet Drops: Peppermint Mocha SD-PM$14.99
Stevia Sweet Drops: Pumpkin SpiceNew flavor perfect for cold winter nights!

Stevia Sweet Drops: Pumpkin Spice SD-PS$14.99
Stevia Sweet Drops: Double ChocolatePerfect for the chocolate lover in all of us!

Stevia Sweet Drops: Double Chocolate SD-DC$14.99