Click to enlargeSweet Drops (SweetLeaf: Liquid Stevia)

From the makers who brought you the best-selling SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener. 17 exciting flavors!
Zero calories. Zero carbs. Zero glycemic index. The Natural Alternative.
Sweetness as nature intended.

2 fl oz (60 ml)

Click to enlargeSteviaClear
Original natural sweetener.

Click to enlargeApricot Nectar
Wake up your morning tea, fruit bowl, yogurt or cereal with Apricot Sweet Drops.

Click to enlargeBerry
Just a few drops make Berry Sweet Drops a natural for smoothies or even in a glass of milk.

Click to enlargeCinnamon
Spice up your herbal tea, oatmeal or plain yogurt with a few drops of lively Cinnamon.

Click to enlargeChocolate
A natural flavorful chocolate taste that's great in milk, tea or coffee.

Click to enlargeChocolate Raspberry
Liven up your morning bowl of granola with only a few drops.

Click to enlargeCoconut
One of the most popular flavors perks up water, coffee, tea, milk and truly any food or beverage.

Click to enlargeCola
Add a few drops of Cola to sparkling water or crushed ice to create a refreshing healthier soda.

Click to enlargeEnglish Toffee
The buttery sweetness of these drops adds exotic guilt-free decadence to your tea, coffee or yogurt.

Click to enlargeGrape
Make popsicles pop with flavor by simply mixing water and these drops for a delicious frozen treat.

Click to enlargeHazelnut
A natural choice for hot teas and coffee, these drops are also great for smoothies.

Click to enlargeLemon Drop
Perfect for healthy satisfying iced tea or sugar-free lemonade.

Click to enlargePeppermint
Peppermint’s not just for holidays anymore. Use it year round to add minty sweetness to teas, lemonades and smoothies.

Click to enlargeRoot Beer
These drops make a healthy smoothie taste as good as an ice cream float – without any of the guilt.

Click to enlargeValencia Orange
Perk up your iced drink or smoothie with these drops for a fantastic citrus flavor.

Click to enlargeVanilla Creme
A longtime favorite, the smooth, creamy taste of these drops adds rich, sweet notes to any drink or food from coffee to cereal, French toast and desserts.

Click to enlargeWatermelon
Refresh your water with a few drops of Watermelon! Add it to your yogurt for summery sweetness all year long.

Stevia Sweet Drops: Peppermint MochaPerfect for coffee or hot chocolate!

Stevia Sweet Drops: Peppermint Mocha SD-PM$14.99
Stevia Sweet Drops: Pumpkin SpiceNew flavor perfect for cold winter nights!

Stevia Sweet Drops: Pumpkin Spice SD-PS$14.99
Stevia Sweet Drops: Double ChocolatePerfect for the chocolate lover in all of us!

Stevia Sweet Drops: Double Chocolate SD-DC$14.99