Click to enlargeIn the Murky Waters of Vatican II

By Atila Sinke Guimares

If you want to know what happened to the Catholic Church because of and since Vatican Council II, this is the book! Volume I of an 11-Volume Magnum Opus on Vatican II and its aftermath entitled Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani, In the Murky Waters of Vatican II delves into how the Council was conducted, how the original schemata prepared by John XXIII's pre-council commissions were jettisoned and replaced by new schemata prepared in advance by the Progressivist-Liberals, how the liberal schemata were "sold" to the conservative bishops - despite the fact that they were filled with ambiguity - by saying the Council was only to be "pastoral" and not dogmatic and how this ambiguity became the very tool for all the questionable changes made since Vatican II. Carrying a Special Foreword by Malachi Martin, In the Murky Waters of Vatican II is a carefully written, authoritative book about the Council and its aftermath, which shows by innumerable quotes from the Progressivists themselves exactly what they stand for and what they intended - and still intend - to do. No informed Catholic layman, and surely no priest, bishop or cardinal of the Catholic Church, can afford not to read In the Murky Waters of Vatican II because it is the defining book on what the Council means for the Church and exactly what the ramifications are of continued co-operation with the changes introduced in its wake and with the innovators still working on new changes. For we all have to decide if we can in conscience continue to co-operate with the Progressivist-Modernist-Liberal agenda for the continued destruction of the Catholic Church as it has come down to us from Apostolic times.