Click to enlargeWhy John Paul II Can Not Be the Pope
The Amazing Heresies of Paul VI
Vatican II:Council of Apostasy

This DVD gets into detail regarding the heresies of Vatican II and antipopes John Paul II and Paul VI.

DVD: Why John Paul II Cannot be the Pope

This DVD shows:

that the Catholic Church teaches that a heretic cannot be a valid Pope

that there have been more than forty antipopes in Church history

the amazing heresies of John Paul II including: that all men are saved; that non-Catholics should not be converted; that false religions are good; and many more...

John Paul II's acts of apostasy including: his visit to the Synagogue; his visit to the Buddhist Temple; and his interfaith gatherings at Assisi I and II all totally condemned by the Catholic Church

Approximate Time: 1 hour, 30 min.

DVD: The Amazing Heresies of Paul VI

This DVD shows:

the infallible teaching of the Catholic Church that a heretic is not a Catholic

that a heretic, since he is not a Catholic, cannot be a valid Pope

that Paul VI was a complete heretic and an apostate

In this DVD you will see Paul VI's teachings:

that non-Christian religions are noble

that religions invented by man are noble

praising pagan Temples

that Buddhism is one of the "riches" of Asia

that he has a sincere admiration for Buddhism

that Buddhism brings real peace and the salvation of man

that the "riches" of the Islamic faith bind us to the one true God

that Muslims adore the one true God together with Catholics

that there are Protestant and Muslim martyrs

that all religions and creeds are "great"

that the schismatic "churches" are the Church of Christ and "venerable"

that we should not convert the schismatics

that he has faith in the United Nations and his promotion of a new world order

that man is God

In this DVD you will also see that:

Paul VI consistently wore the breast-plate of a Jewish High-Priest

Paul VI promoted magic

Paul VI told us in so many words that his false "Church" is the whore of Babylon

Paul VI was given a Jewish burial

The only reason that people accept the teachings of Vatian II and attend the New Mass is because they have confidence in the legitimacy of Paul VI. See this video and discover the truth about Paul VI and whether he was "legitimate".

Approximate Time: 52 minutes

DVD: Vatican II: Council of Apostasy

This DVD shows:

that the Vatican II documents contain blatant heresies against the Catholic Faith

that Vatican II represented a revolution against 2,000 years of Catholic teaching

that Vatican II gave birth to a new counterfeit Catholicism

that other Cardinals were elected during the Conclaves of 1958 and 1963 before John XXIII and Paul VI, the men responsible for Vatican II

Approximate Time: 1 hour, 30 min