Click to enlargeThe Douay-Rheims Haydock Bible

Every human mind was created to accept Catholic Truth. The Bible is absolute Catholic Truth because the Catholic Church is the Mother of the Bible. This is a magnificent reprint, photographically reproducted from a very large old Bible first printed in 1884. The commentary covers from one-third to one-half of the space of every page & was selected by the highly respected Father George Leo Haydock. Throughout the 1800's the best known Douay-Rheims Bibles were known as "Haydock's Bibles" because of the powerful footnotes or commentary that was selected by Fr. Haydock to help the faithful to understand Scripture according to the mind of the Church. No more opinions of so-called "experts" or faithless theologians. Bible study-groups can now come alive with the truth & knowledge we have been hungry for. Soft cover books in text book form for easy review of Old & New Testament.A MUST FOR EVERY HOME!