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All Natural Sugar Alternative: Stevia Sweet Drops
Herb of St. John is now available! Limited Supply!

Email: pat@stmichaelstore.com

Please note, *ALL PRICES & RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. If an item has no button to "Order" than that item is out of stock, please check back later. Thank you and God Bless!

PLEASE NOTE: ON September 7, 2014, The United States Postal Service increased their postage rates yet again.
Minimum shipping for orders in the Continental U.S. will be $9.95 and up depending on the size of your order. Minimum shipping cost for Canada will start at $25.95 and up.(Canada only lets us ship Priority Mail) International Shipping will now cost $29.95 and up depending on the size of and weight of your order. *Please know that we at St Michael's are aware how expensive this additional cost is to you, and appreciate your continued patronage.* If you have a hardship or have any questions about the changes in shipping costs, please give us a call anytime.

Minimum order is $10.00.
- Please allow all orders 3-6 weeks to arrive. -

UPDATE: "Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. 2014 has been a much better year for our family and that is in part to all the love and support of our loyal customers! Thank you once again for keeping us in your prayers."

-Pat & Donna

"Thank you for keeping us in your prayers - 2012 was a difficult year. 18 total of family and friends passed away including my father, Louis Ritchie - died October 28, 2012.

Then my brother-in-law, Steven Frelly - died March 25th 2013. Please keep my sister, Renee Frelly, and her children, Candice & Ethan, in your prayers they are much needed!

Thank you again for all of your prayers. God Bless" - Pat

*Due to safety and health reasons:
Herbs, oils, extracts, and tinctures are non-returnable, and non-refundable.

For an Explanation about the End Times, please click on our Newsletter tab and read our End Times Article

Please Note:
1. Many of our items are handmade and from Europe, this leaves us at the mercy of our suppliers.

2. With the changing times many items are harder to find or are no longer available.

3. We do our best to keep our inventory full but in some cases items may take time for us to receive, again we are at the mercy of our suppliers.

4. Due to the economy, many of my vendors have cut back with stock and/or with their employees, which effects our stock.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Herb of St. John (Limited Supply)